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Is basic endodontics knowledge mandatory for every dentist?

Yes, being a dental doctor (irrespective of our specialization BDS/MDS), every patient expects us to relieve their tooth pain immediately. Prescribed oral medication may not be effective in all the cases.

It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.”

For a beginning practitioner, there will be a fear of patient being not turning up if recalled for treatment especially when he is in pain. As they search for immediate relief and have multiple options of dental clinics around…Once the proper diagnosis is done and the tooth is indicated for endodontic treatment, initiate the emergency endodontic procedure without compromising excess tooth structure.  The patient will be free from pain and believe me, it is most trust gaining step in clinical practice. Now, yours will be the 1st option they consider always and wait for the next recall visit … because of immediate attention you gave to their problem.

Depending on individual skill to manage the case, can continue the treatment or post it to a consultant endodontist.

This clinical exposure of pain management is very limited to recent generation of dental students due to various reasons. We encourage such dentists, to build their knowledge and skill at AVR dental institute under well experienced faculty.

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